Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have You Met first born? Her name is Nova, often called Noodle and she is my dogger (dog/daughter). She is the sweetest and prettiest girl in all the land and makes for quite the dashing model. I decided I needed to tester out my new camera yesterday and since my human child was sleeping, who better to be my guinea pig then her? So far, loving my camera and lens and can't wait to really see what she's got in the next couple of months here! Seriously, June and July are gonna be a whirlwind of gorgeousness, but until then, sorry family! Hope you don't mind my lens all up in your grill!
Happy Thursday!

P.s. Project Inspiration Board is well underway and will be ready by tomorrow!!!! Check back to see the results and hopefully get a lil inspiration as well ;)


LucĂ­e said...

Love your cute dog, lovely!


Melina said...

Iggy has a crush on Nova now