Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Know, I Know

...I'm a big 'ol slacker, but that's just because I've got some pretty fab things coming up, hence they are not here yet and it's making me itchy. But...I will say that by Friday I will have new pics (taken on my new MarkII and Carl Zeiss...seriously... I had no idea what I was missing) and a lil DIY project to post about. Ok, so maybe these things don't toot your fab horn, the way they do mine, but at least there will be some content on this lil blog! Oh, and if your curious what this secret project may be, I'm creating an "Ann Style" Inspiration Board. Mine is for my office and will, dudududah! consist of things that inspire me. I know I'm ALL sorts of innovative today (insert sarcasm here). This one will be made from an ugly gold mirror, turned cream and covered in lovliness (insert...haven't figured this part out yet). So, don't lose faith cause there will be LOTS of pics to come! I will leave you with this little lovely that makes me smile. The result of many a hours getting my sepia formula right where I wanted it :)

Happy Tuesday!

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Jamie said...

I'm so excited to see your style board! Now if we can just talk Stacy into posting one, my life would be complete. =)