Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Like To Pretend

...that these hot L.A. days, are really just smoldering Moroccan nights.

There's something about the mystery of Moroccan culture, that is oh-so enticing to me. I'm completely fascinated and in love. So, since things have been pretty hot around here, I decided to embrace the heat and transport myself to a more magical locale, which would be... you guessed it, the Moroccan Desert. Or, maybe a bazaar of some sort, either way, it's pretty mystical and smells even better. I have been going crazy over gardenia-scented incense, Persian rose candles and of course, my Morocco inspired perfumes, body lotions and jewelry. Here are just a few of the things (pictured above) that bring me serenity and magic in a big, sweaty city.

  • Silver Beaded Necklace: Vintage

ALL of these scents are 100% incredible and sexy. They are so different and luxurious, the way a fragrance should be and just they way I want to smell...especially on a warm "Moroccan" night.

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