Monday, July 18, 2011

I Left My Heart Ashland.

just go ahead and dissect this picture. us, in a nutshell (and yes, i am trying to high-five a cranky toddler, who is clearly not falling for my stupid distractions).

 Every 4th of July our family heads over to Ashland OR, for camping and the Shakespeare Festival. It is quite honestly the most magical town I've ever been to. My year literally revolves around our Ashland trip, and I start shopping for my Ashland wardrobe months in advance. James and I always say that we want to move there, and each year that itch gets a little worse. If you've never been, please do yourself a favor and go! Go see the plays (the acting is phenomenal), go for a walk on the trails of Lithia Park and  stroll down the cobble stone streets and eat at the adorable European like cafes next to the creek at dusk, while the warm, balmy, floral air, kisses your skin. A little slice of heaven, right here in the U.S.

Happy Monday!

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