Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When The Party Is Over

...why not continue the celebration! Planning a wedding can be both time consuming, frustrating and EXPENSIVE, for just one night of bliss. But, it can also be one of the more rewarding, exciting and creative outlets you may ever experience and compelety worth the memories that you will surely make. A great way to "marry" both the pros and the cons, is to purchase wedding decor, with longterm use in mind. Your wedding is what you dream of as being the perfect day right? The decor, the ambience, everything is tailored to making your perfect world come alive, for one night. So, it only makes sense to tailor your wedding to your life. When deciding on wedding decor, try envisioning how objects that are purchased specifically for the wedding can be incorporated in your home decor. For example, if you purchase lanterns to hang in the tree at your reception, how amazing would that be to hang in your backyard for a midsummers eve get together? Not only are you able to reuse, but you are able to revisit the greatest day of your life. I know this isn't some ground breaking idea, but I thought it would be worth mentioning. Here are a few photos showcasing how I incorporated the decor from the stylized shoot into my home.

Vases from the wedding table now have a place on the hutch in my living room.

Crystal candle holders are ALWAYS an elegant and timeless choice for a dining room table.

Apothecary jars have countless uses and make for beautiful storage jars. In the summer mine will be filled with seasonal fruit and in the fall, cream colored pumpkins set amidst a Haunted Mansion themed table.

I am also absolutely THRILLED and pleased to announce that the stylized shoot from the previous post, will be featured tomorrow, May 5th, on The Brides Cafe! I LOVE this site, so beautifully done and an ESSENTIAL resource for brides. It is one of the few sites that I follow for inspiration, as you may have noticed in the sidebar. Janie, the creator, has such an appreciation and sharp eye for detail and beauty. Please head on over there and be sure to stop by tomorrow as well to check out my feature!

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