Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Final Weeks

...are truly bittersweet.

 (click photos to enlarge)

Congratulations to my lovely (and abnormally attractive) friends on your sweet baby girl. I simply cannot wait to meet her. You both are such beautiful people, both inside and out, I expect to basically melt when I see your little creation.

All photos shot on Fuji 400H Pro. Processed and scanned at the one and only RPL.


Kym {Love Wed Bliss} said...

Beautiful, tender anticipation! Such a gorgeous shoot. It transported me back to when I was in full bloom excited to meet my new bub!

Christia said...

Gorgeous work Ann! I adore the shots of the two of them. Beautiful.

Ann Molen said...

thank you Kym and Christia!! I really appreciate such sweet comments:)