Thursday, January 26, 2012


...the stars align and you know it's true that love can look as beautiful as it feels.
And Jake and Amanda are no exception.

 And here's the best part...they are as sweet and fun as they are beautiful. No kidding.

I'm so thrilled to be shooting their wedding in August, I sort of just wish it was here already. Won't Amanda make an absolutely stunning bride? Congrats to you both!

You can see more of their lovely photos on Style Me Pretty's Facebook page and even MORE here.

 Majority of photos shot on film. Fuji 400 H Pro. Scanned and Processed at the ever wonderful RPL.


Stacy Jacobsen said...

just fabulous! so clean and bright. love it.

Serena said...

These images are breathtaking. Fantastic work, Ann! <3

Ann Molen said...

Thanks Stacy and Serena! You 2 are such beautiful photographers, it really means a lot!