Friday, October 21, 2011

A Day At The Pumpkin Patch

....on film.

This last weekend we decided to trek it all the way over to Underwood Farms, for their punkin patch...and boy am I glad we did! Ya see, Mr.Bones just wasn't gonna cut it for me this year and I was lookin for something a little more hard core...a little more legit. Let me be the first to say, Underwood Farms is too legit to quit.

Since it's no secret that i LOVE film and prefer to shoot on it over digital, I decided to bring the film camera and 1 roll of Fuji 400 H Pro. I'm pleased to say every pic is a gem (in my opinion) except for this one where James looks like he's inebriated and happy about it. Okay, okay, so they can't ALL be gems I guess, but we got pretty close ;)

Please, if you live in So Cal, do yourself a favor and hit up "the patch," as I like to call it, now that I think we have a long history together, the patch and I. There are train rides (pictured above), which according to my hubby's face are just the bees knees, petting zoos, pumpkin bread, pig racing, pumpkin carving and everything else you can think of that a seriously legit patch should have.

Happy Friday!

P.S. I totally wore my red flannel too. That's how us Molens the hay.


Serena said...

So cute - love this!

Ann Molen said...

Thanks Serena for both of your sweet comments! I truly appreciate them :)