Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome To My World....

       So, here it is. I finally have it together. I've only been saying I would do this for 8 months or so (give or take a year). Here's the dealy-o: my name is Ann and I am married to a way too good for me, out of my league, handsomest in all the land and thinks the world of me, hubby who happens to be an attorney. He likes to bore me with all his legal mumbo jumbo, which i pretend to listen to, but secretly zone out while I think about perfume. Did I mention that I have a not-so-secret obsession with perfume? One of these weeks, I'm going to post a picture of the few hundred bottles I own. Not even joking. It's gonna take me like 5 hrs to actually set up the photograph, but you mark my words, I WILL do it! We have the sweetest little boy, Gavin, who is the handsomest toddler in all the land and loves me unconditionally. For that, I could never complain about a single thing in my life again. Oh, and I'm a photographer who really loves her family and all things it only makes sense that I shoot weddings.

       Some other stuff about me: I'm useless without my first 5 cups of coffee and a starbucks iced sugar free vanilla americano in the a.m. and I have a slightly disturbing addiction to iCarly and Victorious. My handsome (the husband) does too!  I know, we're totally preteen, but whatev's. Oh, and I moved to L.A. to be a makeup artist, succeeded at it, still do it, love it and always will. It's one of my passions, second only to photography. So, there you have it.

       I created this blog to document my journey as a photographer and, of course, write about all things lovely. Seeing as the title happens to be "lovely little blog," I should prolly make good on that! I will leave you with few pics that say a lil somethin about me :)  WELCOME!

gavin the great

my handsome boys

the pics i take

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