Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pressing Matters...

The weather yesterday was nothing short of spectacular. With the summer months seemingly fast approaching, I've had an eye out for important things. Nail polish. Yes, very important things. I think, with the minimal amounts of clothing summer demands, accessorizing becomes oh-so necessary and one of my favorite ways to do this, is with nail polish. It's the finishing touch. Like a good bag. People pay attention to this (at least I do) and it can take a simple summer ensemble, to oh-so chic and intentionally constructed. It's ALL about the details! I FIRMLY believe this and practice it as often as possible. I know it's not easy to maintain such trivial things when you have a job and kids, but I implore you to just try it out. Give it a week. A week of choosing your "go to" polish and maintaining it. You'll feel fabulous, put together and have a lil extra pep in your step. Did I really just say "pep in your step?"  Pay no attention to my geriatric phrasing. It will happen more than once, I assure you. With that said, here are my final choices for "go to" summer nails...

Angel Food, by Essie. The Perfect French Pink. You can see me wearing it in my Intro video on my website.

Coney Island Cotton Candy. I think this is the pure-fect pedi polish. It makes any tan look oh-so luscious, which in turn makes for very pretty feet. I pair this color with my new FAVORITE sandals. They are a blush-y tan and paired with this polish, they are the perfect summer staples.

 With warm weather in LA, sometimes comes warm nights. This is my absolute favorite time of night. Just as the sun is starting to set, the warm air and the heady scent of pink jasmine wafting all around. I couldnt help but take a couple pics if the things that make me happy in our back yard. Happy Wednesday!

Shot just as the sun was almost gone

Chinese lanterns and Art Nouveau tiles make me all a-flutter.

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