Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inspiration something that is 100% necessary for me to push through. Push through struggles as a mom, struggles as a photographer, struggles as an artist. There are a million people out there that want to tell you "No." There are a million people that don't care if you succeed or not and of those million people, there are prolly quite a few (like hundred thousand) that secretly DON'T want you to succeed. Whether or not you are aware of this, sometimes we feel like that is exactly what everyone is thinking and sometimes we allow that to hold us back. When I made the decision to become a photographer a year and half ago, I didn't really KNOW what that meant. I just wanted to take pretty pictures. Now, the game has changed...completely. It's no longer enough to take pictures of cute moments every now and then. My brain has transitioned from what started as a hobby to becoming a full blown lifestyle/career. I demand perfection of myself. I WILL only create pieces of art for my clients. I WILL achieve that by practicing everyday, filling my head with artistic and technical knowledge and most importantly, by truly BELIEVING that I am destined for greatness. If you're a budding photographer, you're prolly dealing with same insecurities as I have/am. My best advice to you is find a photographer you really admire. Read their blog everyday, absorb the little or plethora of knowledge they offer and keep going. Don't ever stop. If photography is truly your passion, no one will stand in your way, only you.

For me, reading the blog of Jasmine Star is what pushed me through. The honesty and knowledge she provides is unheard of in this industry and more importantly, she's a fighter. She never let her insecurites stop her from achieving her goals, even though she wrote about them honestly and frequently, and now is one of the top photographers in the country.Take one browse of her blog and you will have a mountain of inspirational words, images and useful knowledge for days and days. And, if you're not a photographer, but like anyone, could use a little pick me up, I hope this little dose of awesomeness in words, I posted up above, gives you a litte extra pep in your step. As for me? I'm gonna go pep all around with my baby today, it's 90 degrees out and meant to be enjoyed.

Happy Thursday!


Sarah Ciccone said...

This is Beautiful Ann :) I can relate completely! I found your site/blog from Jasmine's facebook...your work is really beautiful and inspiring! I totally agree with you about Jasmine and her inpspiration to push us through as we start our own photography journeys. Enjoy that 90 degree weather! Sounds much better than the 40 degrees here in Minnesota :) Take Care

Joice Kelly said...

This is exactly how i feel!
i love your post, i resposted it oon my blog. I'm a begginer, but I love this business!
hope you don't mind that i posted it.
The title i wrote is a link to your blog.
Your photography is awesome!
going to follow you!

Jasmine said...

you are amazing. seriously. i wish you only the best as you follow your dreams! :)

Ann Molen said...

thank you guys! you're comments really mean a lot to me! and thanks Jasmine for taking the time to come on here and read my post and then comment on top of that! YOU'RE amazing!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for this. I'll be borrowing your .jpg and referencing you in this week's blog posts... Thanks again.
Beautifully written!